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The Translation Module start up dialog
  Translation Module  
Import Data
The Microsoft Access import routine is flexible and capable of reading a wide variety of database, spreadsheet and text formats. Users who are not familiar with the techniques involved should refer to the Access online help system.

Managing regional pre-sets
IHS can be modified so only the habitat codes found in your area are available. The translation process can be tailored, using a preset designed by you.

Allows the user to define the codes available in your area or suvery

First Regional Presets Dialog
Regional Presets


IHS code description window
Details are available during the pre-set creation or editing process. A description, exclusions, required multiplex codes, correlation and comment may be provided.

Code description window

Second Regional Presets Dialog
How do you view abiguities in your patch? Here you can set the outcomes of ambiguous translations so that a code may always, sometimes or never translate to another. The more familiar with the data to be translated and what habitats are in the area covered by the survey the better the translation.

Second Regional Presets Dialog

Note that the translator is an MS Access 2003 application.

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