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Component Parts of IHS

a) Integrated classification
The classification comprises over 460 habitat categories, the majority drawn from existing classifications, together with descriptions, authorities and correspondences arranged in a logical hierarchy that allows application for different purposes. The classification can be customised for a geographical area or special project use without losing data integrity.

b) Field survey & air photo interpretation manuals
The manuals describe recommended use of IHS for original data capture through both field survey and air photo interpretation processes.

c) GIS data capture, management and analysis protocols
Protocols have been developed with the objective of providing maximum compatibility between datasets and utility to the data user.

d) Software translation tool, including translation of Phase 1 and NVC data to BAP
priority habitats and the full IHS

The translation tool allows the user to translate existing data held in Phase 1 or NVC format into IHS in a semi-automated process. The user can exercise judgement, apply local knowledge or access further data to complete the translation.
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